03.04.23: updated dancefloor page. added secret page. i will be adding more songs to dancefloor soon and will be updating secret page with character/lore/etc

12.03.23: added interests page. added gaia page. i wanna add pix of my avis soon!!

12.03.23: added youtube page. added hit the target page.

11.29.23: added an official about page. added diary page. am going to attempt my gaia online page right now... lets see if i can get it started! i wanna make it under an interests page so i have to make that too. going to be less strict with myself from now on about how finished these pages need to be... i just want to start chipping away on all the things i wanna add bit by bit!

09.04.23: added new text to my "about" page and added a working link to the sidebar. i want to make it so that blinkees (organized by color and like rainbow) will flow down on either side of that middle div :D

07.07.23: revamped "dancefloor" page - want to add more songs that aren't just mine and gifs!!

07.06.23: changed the look of my "about" page, added moodlet/hit counter/changelog to homepage, made wrong link page, made this page. learned a lot about how divs function i think. it's interesting getting back into it after not having touched my website in months!!