i am marcika :-)
so u dare to find out more about me...

i am 24 yrs old :p leo sun, virgo moon, cancer rising. im a musician - i play guitar & some other instruments as well but my main instrument is my voice!! i am a filmmaker as well - i love to make music videos & experimental films!

i have a lot of plans for this about me page, i just want to be able to put anything about myself that i want to
i definitely want to have shrines dedicated to my old amvs, my cd collection, music videos, my home right now (like a little house tour?? idk how i will format it but i spend so much time here id like a little but of my site dedicated to how i feel about it!), vocaloid music, music in general that has affected me, shows/movies/media/etc that i enjoy, my quiz results, astrology, my photography/videography, my cat juniper (u can check out the starts of that but clicking on her on my home page), and soooo many more!!!

if ur interested in checking out my music - here is my song secret! u have to click on the heart at the top of the page if u dont have autoplay on. i need to get a different audio player ;p

also that page i titled dancefloor and i want to go hard on the "club" gimmick there. im excited to get more ideas for that but rn it just has the song and the lyrics and a little chatbox! i have a BUNCH of dancing gifs i found that i want to put in there so it really feels like the dancefloor of a funny little club!!

anyways im super excited to continue learning about html and keep making this website feel more and more like a little internet home :-) if anything i talked about interests you check back soon!!

with love,